Mr price is hiring permanent post –

Mr price is hiring permanent post

With support & guidance, build key knowledge & skills that equip the role to develop astute pre-season & in-season store sales plans that meet the store’s needs in terms of the correct buy shape per store profile & maximize store sales, clearance, and space.


On-the-job learning:
Apply learned knowledge & skills by:
Demonstrating awareness of the factors that influence the way we perform in current trade and how to manage opportunities & risks accordingly.

Demonstrating how to optimize stock in light of the critical path & achievement of KPI’s.
Participating in the building of an assortment that is informed by current trade, post-mortem, & the seasonal strategy.
Demonstrating how to forecast a financial plan, highlight variances for sales, orders, & stock going forward.

Current Trade:
Extract & analyze store KPI’s by sub-department season.
Contribute towards compiling a draft report highlighting all issues that have impacted performance.
Assist the location planner in re-forecasting in-season store sales to adjust for the current trade variances.

Convert the store sales plan to a stock plan in OTS (Open to Ship) in order to adjust SAS (Strategic Allocation System) allocations.

Post Mortem:
Complete a monthly zero-based plan (ZBP) in order to conclude the previous month’s missed opportunities.
Complete store grading in APS (Assortment Planning System) in order to provide the merchant planning team with unit buy recommendations that will inform their strategy.
Building an Assortment:
Participate in building the assortment plan in collaboration with the buying & planning team.
Assist with creating profiles, store grading & development of unit buy recommendations for the greater team.
Maintain the profiles & grading in the relevant system (APS).
Extract & analyze reports on the assortment for the location planner.
Product Allocation/Stock Allocation:
Adjust & balance the forward allocations, checking that required units per store are met.
Monitor units being accrued for new store openings & report on variances.
Finalize allocations
Assist with store consolidations.
Identify problems with store size service levels & store cover ratio; assist team with action plan.


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